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 I beg you to watch it, comment it in the youtube page and if you can, PLEASE, search it without using the link!

For me it is important for people to write "mordraud the movie" in Google bar. 

I can finally introduce you the short film about Mordraud,
the first of four the books of a fantasy saga that deserves to be read and told.
Soon the first book will be available for free online in ebook version in English.
I think I can say that the translation is excellent.
Long time has passed since the last time I asked you to help me with this project.
Today this work take me 99% of my life ... not working lives. ehehe!
(but I'm working to make sure that my life is devoted to art and comics.
so you don't have to wait months to read my stories (whatever it may be) because I have to go to the office and do things that have nothing in common with the comics... )

we are working hard to get funds to carry out the project related to Mordraud, which is not only a book, it also wants to be a TV series (soon to be opening the Crowdfunding) maybe a web series ... I still do not know.
In working there is also a role-playing game and it's already created the card game.
There is also talk about a video game, but for this, I'll take time.
I dream for mordraud something great about a video game.
The plot deserves it, if you trust my instincts.

About the film, or the eventual television series, for sure this video is just a taste of what we could do with the right funds.
Because Mordraud is not just a story like the others, the plot hides much more than anyone could imagine.
Unfortunately do spoiler now, it could ruin everything, you just need to follow us and support us in what will be a long journey.

We will be at Comic-Con in San Diego in July.

We are going there to present the first book in English and participate with this short film.
I expect to meet you all there, and I sincerely hope to be able to speak some English in a decent way.
Otherwise, have mercy on me. Please.  -.-'

What I ask you now is a great favor.
I need to get more views and comments as possible, on the Youtube videos, so I ask for your help.
I need you to Hand out this video anywhere, and do all the publicity as possible and help me to share this project (starting from the short film) to the whole world.

So please, share this on every blog that you know or handled,
please watch and comment this video in your language.
I need you to raise hell and that you help me in what is really the project that could change my life. 
a project in which I believe and which deserves to take life and be shared.
Have faith in me.
This is not just a fantasy, this story embodies fantastic potential practically endless.
But to experience this, and to make sure you can live this in the right way, we must go ahead with the plot and reveal many mysteries at the right time.
 I and other people are working on a comic book version of this book.

Soon you will see the first preview pages .

The projects are really many.
I'll keep you updated.

But now is the time of the short film.
It took a year of hard work.
Please , again, discuss it , share it and help us to get more views as possible! 

Also I am going to add the text in English, so that everyone can translate it.
Those of you who are nor english but can understand itis free to send me a translation of this text in their own language, whatever it is.
So we can put your name in the credits, and share, the translation of the short film throughout the world, making it understandable to everyone!

I thank everyone of you even now, anyone of you has been close to me over the years, anyone of you who has continued to follow me, anyone of you who will continue to do it ...
Anyone who wants to help me to live my dream ...

anyone of you who tolerate my English.
I love you.

A world before this war does not exist. Nothing will exist after it.
We will fight, and we will die... forever.
Cambria has unleashed an endless war against us.

I swear by the Gods I won't die. Not now, not ever.
I can't do it.
And if an enemy were to wound me, well...  
I'll forget I have to die. 
The Rampart is a good place to die.
The first thing you learn on the Rampart is the smell of blood.
A stench trampled and mixed with earth and steel.  
Half a century of death heaped on a wall of mud.    
It's where Cambria’ Lances  hit hardest, 
where the Long Winter rages in all its fury.
The only barrier against the spreading Empire. 
And it's crumbling.
Few against many, as always. 
The smell of blood's still here, but it's hidden. 
And in its place: the aroma of bread and soup,  
the fragrance of her molten copper hair...
and others that can't be described, except from memory. 
Fleeting moments.
A child's eyes...
His mother's hand. 
Every family closes within itself the dramas of the world.  
Reliving them is an unbearable punishment.  
The day of desertion.
Years... or merely moments... have passed.
That day... never ended. 
A new home. Nothing but war.
Only fellow fighters remain, to cling on to. 
Together... in the storm.
Steel devours human flesh.
There are no more ideals, just endless slaughter.
There's no weariness, no fear.
You can but die.   
No space for anything else in this butchery... 
except for her...   
Time and places overlap. 
Different places merge into a single vital moment.
She's there, a step away... so close...
Her marriage in tatters...
awaiting merely a treacherous kick to its foundations,
to collapse. 
He can't know that... nobody can...
The time comes when everything can be changed...
But at what price...
Betray a friend... to take her...
Love her... to no longer have to hate.
Betray, and advance... killing... loving... 
so as not to be swallowed up.   
The day of no escape comes for all.
When hatred has won, it's too late
to realise. 
Love cannot exist, happiness cannot be found.
You can only mourn for everything that haste
overturned and crushed. 
Everything that was lost... among the flames of folly. 
Guilt takes your breath away.
To be free of it, you can do little other
than go on hating.
This is all that's left, in the end.
Hating who caused
all this.
Distant sounds. 
The echo of the harmonies is strong and terrifying.
How can I fight a bodiless weapon?   
How can you stem a Resonance?
Music that kills.
Nothing more sinister.   
Memories become faint, murky... Nothing is as it was.
Smells... the feel of her coppery hair between my fingers.
My dying mother...
It's all so hazy... 
Only the essence of the moment remains.
Who knows what's still true...
I see memories that aren't mine...
At least I don't think they are.
I no longer know what's already happened...
and what is still to happen. 
Reality and memory collapse around me.
My life's profound meaning is suddenly revealed.
Everything I've done... the friends I deserted,
the love I stole from those who raised me.
I betrayed everyone and everything...
so that I could go on hating.
There never was anything else. 
I shaped my resentment day by day, creating ever new forms.  
I never did know how you felt,
when you went away. I wasn't interested.
I diluted your shadows, with even greater darkness.  
I never tried to forgive you. 
It doesn't matter. 
I've never felt so happy.
I've finally found you...
my brother.


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how exciting! ^__^

I don't know what to say ... _…

well... enjoy my comics.


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blubaloooo Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Era un po' che non bazzicavo più deviantart, poi sono "inciampata" nelle tue opere e penso che non potrò più farne a meno! Complimenti, sei molto brava!
Lilithblack Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohhh grazie *_*

cosa ti piace di più?
perchè se ti piace alex esiste anche una sorta di spin off AU di  dragon age con protagonisti lui e laurelinad di VermouthWorks
blubaloooo Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
Alex...tantissimo! Lo adoro, è molto tenero e 'pruriginoso'!
E naturalmente il caro vecchio Fenris (ho avuto per molto tempo un'ondata passione per non è passata!):la storia ambientata nel suo passato è stupenda, spero vada avanti!
Lilithblack Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lo farò.

comunque in quella storia che ti dicevo, che inizia ufficialmente qui: Like this by Alex-Hawke   c'è anche fenris  :P
comunque, è un casino capire l'inizio se nn hai seguito. grosso modo è andata così:
alex aveva un suo account e interagiva con la gente nei commenti, lo stesso iniziò a fare laurelinad hawke (del fumetto di vermouthworks. Laurelinad detto lally però era un hawke stra playboy, e iniziò a fare il cascamorto con alex, tutto questo sempre nei commenti di immagini e fumetti, se sbirci nei vari account probabilmente troverai diverse cose. alex che è un perbenista chiaramente all'inizio fa la figa di legno e gli da contro, perchè lally è a suo dire un poco di buono. lally persiste facendogli una corte spietata- insomma è nato tipo un role play a fumetti e la gente interagiva con loro. poi man mano la cosa ha preso piede ed è nata una storia su di loro e i loro amici che sono ovviamente i personaggi di dragon age...e tutti vivono in un contesto moderno...a kirkwall che ovviamente è in Italia :v

beh, penso che di tutto quel fumetto la cosa + divertente siano i commenti della gente.
all'inizio era fatto tutto in modo abbastanza poco serio, ma devo dire che col tempo è diventato proprio un fumetto figo, tanto che io e vermouth vorremmo farne un reboot con personaggi simili ma nostri per pubblicarlo seriamente e riniziare da capo la storia con tutti i retroscena che nessuno ha mai visto, sull'ipotetico vero incontro tra lalli e alex ecc ecc.

beh, dacci un occhio. ne vale la pena secondo me. fa ridere, c'è drama, e ci sono un sacco di ragazzi nudi :v
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blubaloooo Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
Insana passione. Maledetto cellulare.
LiberatedPuppeteer Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
hey. you're awesome, the anders ship is awesome, alex is awesome, like this is awesome. hope alex and anders get together soon. started watching you. ....have a good day ^^;
Lilithblack Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahahah thank you. it means alot to me <3
Bratt85 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Let me tell this to you. I have NEVER really enjoyed Anders shipping, probably because DA2 is the only place I've seen him thus far. But I am in love with your Alex comics and have been desperately wailing into the night as I read that he just frigging kiss the mage already! You are magnificent and I adore your art style. How amazing!
Lilithblack Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohh! you're so sweet!! thank you, this comments makes my day!
YukiSamui Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Grazie per la waaatch! :D :heart:
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